So this is my first post in a while. Okay… Eight months. But for the rest of the summer I will try and keep the website up to date! After a long fall and winter of being a full-time student and athlete, I am on the road again! Last week I flew into Rome to meet up with my good friend and training partner Tyler Hinton who races C-1 for the United States. After a quick trip to the Coliseum we got on the road, driving through Italy, Slovenia, and Austria, on our way to Slovakia. IMG_0542 Tyler and I trained together leading up to the Olympic Trials last year and we are both confident that our partnership will yield results once again. We are currently training in Bratislava, Slovakia and will soon head north to Liptovsky-Mikulas where the Under-23 World Championship will be held July 17-21st. In Bratislava I took a visit to the Vajda factory to pick up my new boat for the season. The paint job turned out exactly as I imagined and the boat feels great on the water as well. IMG_0548The next two weeks I will be training hard on the water and in the gym, before getting a bit of rest and tapering closer to the competition. This Monday I will celebrate Canada Day in Liptovsky with a much needed day off! Stay tuned for another post next week, Michael